Carpet Cleaning & Kitchen Deep Clean in Wimbledon, SW17


One of the areas of the home that requires the most cleaning is the kitchen – and yet for many homeowners, it is the most difficult room to tackle. With a mixture of fragile and complex appliances, a multitude of surfaces, and all the cupboards and shelves built for storage and display purposes, tackling kitchen deep cleaning is no mean feat – which is why a recent client in Wimbledon SW17 reached out to Next Door Cleaning for help.

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Requiring a deep clean of their kitchen and their property’s carpeted staircase, this project saw us send two team members to the property for a total of three hours – resulting in one happy client, a gleaming worktop, optimum health and hygiene standards, and stairs that looked just like new. 

The Services

This job required two core services – a deep cleaning of the kitchen, and a comprehensive cleaning of the carpets leading upstairs. Let’s take a look at the carpet cleaning first.

Carpet Cleaning

Professional carpet cleaning combines the power of our industry-leading equipment with the kind of skills and knowledge that allow our team to maximise their efficiency without impacting the end result. With the help of our Ninja Cleaning Machine 400 PSI, we are able to tackle stains, discolouration, and even a lacklustre texture – helping to restore your carpet to its former, like-new glory. 

This particular cleaning job was a little more complex in terms of the carpet surface that required cleaning, as stairs are typically more intricate and difficult to navigate with our heavy-duty machinery. As such, to help maintain consistent results on every step – both across the step’s top surface and down the front of each step – we used carpet shampoo and engaged some of the tips that we often share with homeowners who want to maintain the results of their professional clean long after we’ve gone. These included:

  • Vacuuming the stairs thoroughly first
  • Applying intensive cleaning products to the stairs and then using elbow grease to cut through the stains and lift them off the fabric
  • Fast-tracking the drying process

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The final part of the carpet cleaning process, as mentioned above, is to fast-track the drying process. This is especially important because if the carpet is not dry when it is first walked on after being cleaned, any dirt and debris which is walked into the fabric will stick, and the surface will also become a breeding ground for bacteria and mould – both risks you do not want to promote in your home! We do this by promoting airflow through the room which has been cleaned and installing fans or dehumidifiers for a set period to help rid the carpet of any remaining moisture. 


Kitchen Deep Clean

The second service that we used for this cleaning project in Wimbledon was our deep kitchen cleaning. With a focus on health, hygiene, and of course ensuring that the space is aesthetically pleasing, as well as 100% safe, our kitchen deep cleaning, covers preparation surfaces and worktops, cabinets and storage cupboards, appliances, sinks and taps, shelves, stove tops, and more. In the case of the Wimbledon job, the client brought us in because they had not been able to keep on top of their usual kitchen cleaning routine in recent weeks and so wanted to book a deep clean which they could then maintain themselves. 

As part of this, we:

  • Vacuumed and mopped all of the floors
  • Cleared away and tidied all debris and crumbs from the surfaces, before deep cleaning the surfaces using our potent dedicated kitchen cleaner
  • Found a home for all the loose items and kitchen implements which were making it hard for the client to maintain clean surfaces
  • Cleaned all of the major appliances and cupboard doors throughout the kitchen space

We also left the client with a series of tips for keeping their kitchen manageable and clean in the long run. We informed them of the importance of cleaning on a regular basis to minimise work, taking out the rubbish on a regular basis, and replacing cleaning implements and sponges as often as necessary to keep hygiene standards high. 

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What makes us different?

Here at Next Door Cleaning, we not only deliver great results, but we do so in record time – with our team able to visit your property within a few days or even hours depending on your ideal timeline and the urgency of the project. 

In the case of this client who needed the kitchen and stairs cleaning in their Wimbledon flat, their timeline was fairly flexible which meant that we were able to send two team members out at a time when we knew the residents did not need to be able to access their stairs. This was particularly important because deep carpet cleaning requires the surface to be completely dry before it is used again following the cleaning process – so we were able to complete the carpeted stair cleaning task and then, while it was drying, tackle the kitchen. Thanks to the flexible schedule of the client, we completed the full job without impacting their daily routine. 

If you’ve got a kitchen that needs cleaning, a complex space or section of your home which requires a deep clean, or you want to restore your carpets to their former glory and give your home a quick and easy facelift, our team are here to help. Reach out to us to find out more about our services, and visit the case studies page of our website to read about our other jobs across London and beyond.