Carpet Cleaning in Virginia Water, GU25


As a professional cleaning business, repeat custom is a big part of our business model and strategy – with the quality of the service we provide and the results we promise helping us to maintain and nurture long-term customer and client relationships across both the residential and commercial sector. 

This particular customer in Virginia Water, Surrey, lives in a large mansion just outside of London which boasts excellent connections to the city while benefitting from the rural countryside surroundings. The property has large rooms and open plan living spaces and sits among a series of mansions and high-value properties, all of which call on and require professional cleaning services on a regular basis to keep on top of property maintenance.

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As a regular customer, we have now attended to this particular customer and property three times, with this specific job focussing on a deep carpet cleaning and eradicating the mess left behind by an abandoned bathtub and subsequent flooding in the bathroom. 

The Property

Our team are often called out to properties of varying sizes and layouts, with mansions presenting some of the biggest jobs and highest demands we see. Due to the scale of each room and the different levels and layers built into each space, mansions require a very specific methodology when cleaning both the floors and furnishings, taking care to leave every room looking fresh without constantly needing to walk back and forth through rooms and across floors that have already been cleaned.

This particular property in Virginia Water boasts a total of seven bedrooms across three floors, with a home office and large living spaces and walkways. As part of our strategy for tackling a home of this scale, we tend to work from the top down and focus on the upper floors before finishing with the ground floor and entranceway. 

The Job

This job was sparked by a forgotten bathtub which had been left running and had not only flooded the tiled bathroom but had also soaked into the carpet surrounding the doorway and around the outside of the bathroom. The risk of this isn’t just aesthetic but also related to health and wellbeing – as water-soaked carpet can quickly develop mould and nurture the growth of spores and bacteria if left unattended. That’s why, in cases like this, fast action is important in minimising the damage. 

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Sending two of our professional team members into the property for a total of eight hours, we managed to restore the aesthetic and texture of the carpet with a mixture of deep cleaning and drying, and we also conducted a broad clean of the property in full as per our previous experience with the client. 

Our professional carpet cleaning service starts by removing any furnishings and items in the immediate area, giving us access to as much carpet as possible. Typically, homeowners don’t realise the effect that wear, tear and sunlight have on their carpet, and are surprised by the difference between that which is on show and that which is uncovered for the majority of the time. By moving as much as possible, we can work to address and rebalance the aesthetic appearance of the carpet in full.

The next step is to vacuum any dust and debris, before moving onto the deep clean which removes stains and rids the carpet of grime which can build up over time. 

TOP TIP: Here at Next Door Cleaning, we often find our services called upon to efficiently treat and remove carpet stains. In the case of stains and watermarks which are caused by flooding and large spillages, it is important to first soak up as much excess liquid as possible so that the carpet remaining is dry and ready to be treated. This should be done through the act of blotting the carpet with dry material, rather than wiping. 

Using our industrial cleaning equipment, including the Ninja Cleaning Machine 400 PSI which has become our secret weapon in the battle against stains and other marks on carpets and rugs, we can then deep clean both the surface of the carpet, the fibres underneath, and the underlay to restore a fresh look, scent, and texture to the carpet. Not only that but a thorough carpet clean and removal of excess liquid minimises the chance of mould setting into your floor and can help to keep your home a healthy place to live. 

Once we’ve conducted the full clean, it’s time to dry the area out – with our team bringing in portable heaters to help speed up the drying process and to minimise the disruption to your day and usage of your interior space. 

How We Deal with Cleaning Challenges

A big part of our services lies in the way that we handle each enquiry effectively and individually. When we received this enquiry and booking, we sent two professional cleaners who had worked on the property in the past and knew its layout, focussing first on eradicating the stains and watermarks around the flooded bathtub site before moving across the rest of the house. 

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Customers who call on us with specific stains or cleaning challenges that they want help with, tend to be looking for both efficient and effective results – something that we deliver every time, and which plays a major role in our ability to nurture repeat clients and customers. 

For more information about our cleaning services in and around London, whether you have a specific challenge that requires our expertise or simply want to book a thorough and professional clean for your home or commercial property, get in touch with Next Door Cleaning today.