Easy Ways to Remove Stains From Your Carpet

Wine Carpet Stain

If you’ve got carpet, then you probably know how difficult it is to maintain and keep clean. You may find yourself constantly buying and using a carpet cleaner to remove anything which has been split or trodden into your carpets. If this is the case and you do find that you’ve knocked a glass of red wine over your nice cream carpet, or your child has stuck chewing gum to the floor, then don’t stress. There are ways of getting rid of such stains from your floors.

The problem with opting for carpet flooring

Carpet or wooden flooring is always a dilemma when it comes to choosing the flooring which goes inside your home. Some people think carpets are unhygienic as they can trap dust and mold spores – others believe that this is a benefit, as these pollutants are not getting let into the air. Another downside to carpet is that it isn’t as easy to clean as wooden or vinyl flooring. If you drop a glass filled with blackcurrant squash on the wooden floor, there’s no problem, you just soak it up. However, it’s a different story if you dropped the same glass on the carpet, it would cause a dark stain and would take time out of your day to be removed.

Different types of stains

There are many different types of stains, some more obvious and difficult to remove than others. Water-based soluble stains tend to be the easiest to clean, these include fruit and fizzy drinks. These types of stains tend to be easily removed with water, or with the smallest amount of dish soap. Then there are fat and oil-based stains which tend to be more difficult to remove, as these will grip onto the petroleum in your carpet. However, fat and oil-based stains aren’t the hardest types of stain to get rid of, in fact, wax and gum are two of the hardest substances to remove from carpeted floors. This is because they can easily become ground into the carpet, and stick to it too. 

Advice on removing stubborn stains from carpets

These are some of the best tips to remove any stubborn stains or marks on your carpet. The good news is, these tips are all relatively easy to follow so you won’t find yourself scrubbing your carpet for hours trying to remove anything. 

Remove any excess mess from around the stain before cleaning

If there is any mess around the stain, like broken glass for example, then this should be removed before tackling the stain. Objects like broken glass not only get in the way when you’re trying to clean, but they can also be hazardous. 

Blot, don’t wipe

Begin by removing any of the solid matter which may still be left on the carpet. By using a dry towel or kitchen roll you can blot up some of the liquid in the stain. Put the towel over the stain and apply pressure to soak up the liquid, make sure not to wipe as this will only spread the stain further.

Carpet Clean

Use water and dish soap to start

Depending on whether your carpet has a treatment or coating to it, sometimes you may be able to simply use a mild dish soap and water solution to fight it. 

To create this solution, mix three or four drops of dish soap with a cup of lukewarm water. Too much dish soap can end up leaving an even bigger mark on your carpet, so be careful not to be excessive with it. It’s best to use clear dish soap to do this. Then dip a towel or piece of kitchen roll into the liquid and blot gently at the stain. Start at the outside of the stain, to stop it from moving further onto your carpet, and dab at it. After your stain is gone, you will need to pour cold water on it to get rid of any soap residue, which may still be lingering on your carpet.    

Baking soda and vinegar can be used for old stains

Grease stains are best removed by using baking soda and vinegar. Start by covering the stain with white vinegar and then sprinkle baking soda over the liquid. This will cause a chemical reaction and you’ll probably be able to see it fizz. The vinegar must be completely dry before removing the baking soda, so let it sit for a few hours at a minimum. Once it’s dry, the baking soda can be vacuumed. 

Ice and blunt objects can be used for chewing gum

The tried and tested method of removing chewing gum from the carpet is to leave cubes of ice on it for around twenty minutes. Once the gum is frozen, get a blunt object (like a knife) and begin at the edge, using the tool to go under the gum. If it doesn’t come away the first time, leave the ice on for longer and try again when the gum is completely frozen. 

Apply a carpet stain removing product

There is some great carpet stain removing products and services on the market right now. Although you can try your best to remove stains with products you’d already have at home, sometimes it isn’t always possible and you may need to invest in something stronger. 

If all else fails, bring in a professional cleaning service

Getting rid of a stain can cause panic, but it shouldn’t. If you’ve tried and tried to get rid of a stain and it’s just not going away, then it’s probably best to leave it with the professionals. A cleaning service will have better tools and techniques, and they will be able to deal with a variety of stains. It’s always worth considering a cleaner if you’ve got a stain that just won’t go, and most of the time cleaners will offer such quick service – stain removal can sometimes take under an hour. After all, sometimes stains just aren’t worth the hassle.