After-Builders Cleaning in Slough, SL1

Slough 1

Sometimes we have time to onboard new clients and learn more about their business before undertaking a new cleaning project with them – and other times we don’t.

In the case of this after-renovation cleaning job at a school in Slough, time was not on our (or the client’s) side, with the school having been left with a fine coating of dust and debris by builders just days before the school reopened for the new term. 

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For the client, a school in the heart of Slough, there were a number of main factors and points that needed to be considered in completing this project – namely ensuring the safety of pupils and staff members when using the various spaces that had undergone construction and facilitating the effective educating of young people in these learning and creative spaces. Other priorities included the need for a fast turnaround, and the desire to present the school in its best light by opening time on Monday morning. 

The key spaces and areas involved in the after-construction cleaning project within this school included:

  • Three main classrooms
  • Gym
  • Two large halls
  • Toilet facilities 

Here’s how we did it. 

The service

After construction cleaning is one of the core services that we offer, with our team attending jobs in both commercial and private properties and spaces to help homeowners and organisations to restore order to their spaces. With health and safety of the utmost concern throughout such projects, we focus not just on the aspects that you can see but those which are often missed by residents – clearing up spillages, dust, dirt, grime, and everything else in between. 

To look at post-building cleaning in more detail, some of the core services involved include a comprehensive carpet cleaning (such as that outlined in our Battersea case study), the removal of stains caused by work tools and the high footfall of builders moving through the space, and the thorough cleaning of air vents and air ducts which can often collect dust during construction work. 

All of these tasks and more enable us to provide the client with a space that they recognise and feel at home in – using industry-leading tools and equipment to cut through the dirt and achieve a high-quality clean safely and efficiently.

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And in the case of this project, in particular, efficiency really was the key motivation of our client. 


How we delivered a high-end service with a quick turnaround

This client reached out to us following a recommendation from an existing client, who was a teacher at the school in question and had heralded our efficient and high-quality service, as well as the professionalism of our team. During the holidays, the school had undergone a number of construction projects which saw builders moving through the school in its entirety, trailing dust and dirt and installing everything from new ceiling panels to fresh flooring and more. 

Upon entering the school for our pre-cleaning visit and consultation, we could see that the hardwood surfaces throughout the school were in need of a thorough clean, and that debris needed to be removed to minimise the potential for slips, trips, and accidents. There was also evidence of the power tools that had been used by the builders in the form of shavings and sawdust, and the odd nail found around and under furnishings. 

To facilitate the school’s need for a quick turnaround, two members of our team first visited the site for a couple of hours on Saturday, with the understanding that a larger team would need to return on Sunday in order to complete the job before the school as due to open on Monday.

Returning on Sunday, five members of our team spent five hours transforming the building site into a functional and welcoming school environment for young people to thrive – leaving our client extremely happy with the results and able to open the school in time for Monday morning. 

We used a combination of industry-leading equipment and our experience and knowledge of after-construction cleaning to figure out which areas to tackle first, enabling the full team of five cleaners to divide into smaller groups and work through the site in an organised manner. As the client site was a school, there were a large number of individual work desks and surfaces that needed to be thoroughly cleaned, as well as a mix of carpeted and hard flooring, windows and a multitude of air vents throughout each of the rooms affected by the construction work. 

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The Next Door Cleaning Difference

We were delighted to be contacted about this project as a result of past client work – with the teacher in question recommending our services based on her own experience working with our team. Priding ourselves on our ability to deliver a high-quality cleaning service across all manner of interior spaces, often with fast turnaround times, our team combine years of experience with the best equipment in the business – enabling us to leave no stain, no mess, and no trace of dirt behind. 

This project at a school in Slough put our team to the test, requiring a quick turnaround which saw us complete our pre-clean inspections and the full cleaning project itself over a single weekend. Nonetheless, the end result saw the client more than happy and able to open the school on the following day as planned. 

If you are looking for a post-construction cleaning service in your private or public residence, or if you simply want to benefit from our expertise and experience in the world of cleaning, our team are here to help. We operate on a 6-days-a-week basis and can clean, polish, and tidy any area as required by you. Get in touch for more information.