After Builders & Carpet Cleaning in Battersea Reach, SW18


A vibrant development located in the heart of Battersea, Battersea Reach is a high-end site which combines residential spaces with commercial properties, amenities, facilities, and more. Compared with other development sites, Battersea Reach, SW18 is one of the largest and offers those who live and work there an incredible 13 green spaces and parks to enjoy – nestled in amongst the many flat buildings and individual properties that can be brought or rented. 

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As many clients and customers will understand, with any development space there comes the need for professional cleaning services – with this particular job calling on our services following renovation from a local building firm in addition to a deep carpet cleaning prior to move-in day. Our after-renovation and building work clean is a popular service across both commercial and residential and private spaces because it allows our customers to be left with a blank canvas that’s ready to furnish and move into following building works. 

The site we were called into was located in one of the multi-property buildings, comprising of three floors. A large flat, our team were initially asked to undergo post-building work and construction clean in a large six-bedroom flat, with four bathrooms and a network of communal and living spaces.

The Post-Building Work Clean

Any post-building work or renovation clean comes with its own requirements – with some focussed on specific spaces in the property while others prefer a deep clean of the whole home or flat. 

In this instance, the extent of building work meant that this was considered a big job from day one – with three of our cleaners attending the flat for a total of six hours in order to cover the six bedrooms, four bathrooms, and multiple other rooms throughout the home. 

As is always the case with a post-renovation or construction clean, we started by prepping the property – vacuuming all the dust and removing the oversized debris and pieces left behind by the construction team, before moving on to the deep clean of all floors, surfaces, walls, and even ceilings. We often find that clients are amazed and shocked by the amount of dirt and dust that construction work creates, with an effective clean reaching all those unseen areas which are regularly overlooked. 

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The main touchpoints considered as part of our post-building work clean are:

  • Dust, paint, and grout removal
  • Vacuuming and mopping of floors
  • Cleaning the interior and exterior of cabinets, cupboards, and appliances
  • Cleaning external areas including balconies and terraces
  • Removing stains from upholstery and floors, using our high-grade equipment and industry-leading products

All of this was delivered in an efficient manner, ensuring that there was no unnecessary disruption to the client. 

Once this initial part of the cleaning job was complete, we were pleased to hear back from the client soon after as they had finished all decorating work and were ready for a final carpet clean before moving back into the property. 


Deep Carpet Cleaning, Ready for Move-In Day

One of the highlights of large projects like this, for us, comes when clients call us in for a second time on the same project – immediately citing our reliability and customer service as strong selling points and reasons why they continue to trust us with their properties and homes. 

When we were called back to the Battersea Reach property for a deep carpet clean across the entire flat, we sent three cleaners who were in the property for a total of two hours – taking care not to impede on the residents who were measuring up ready to move their furniture back into the space. 

Our deep carpet cleaning service was intended to leave the rooms feeling and smelling cleaner and fresher while removing all visible (and invisible) stains from the carpet that were caused by both the renovation and building work process, and by the wear and tear of regular use. Using the best equipment and tools in the industry, including the Ninja Cleaning Machine 400 PSI which is our secret weapon in the face of carpet stains and tired patches across carpets, rugs, and other soft furnishings and upholstery, we methodically approach this process to minimise the tread of solution and water into the carpet – creating that bouncy and like-new feeling across your home or interior space. 

Mixing the professional clean with a drying service to finish, we help to minimise the disruption to your day and use of the space by leaving it as good as new and ready to walk on. Best of all, our carpet cleaning service removes both the visible dust and the unseen bacteria and other particles and germs which can, over time, turn your carpet into a health hazard. For the residents of this flat in Battersea Reach, this comprehensive carpet cleaning was especially important to keep the whole family safe and healthy. 

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Finding the Right Professional Cleaning Company

With the opportunity to work in one of the buildings and spaces on the Battersea Reach development site, here at Next Door Cleaning we aim to become a go-to for local customers and clients seeking reliable and reputable services, with efficient and effective results every time. 

Using the highest grade of equipment and with an eye to the details and finer points of high-end and luxury living, our team boast expertise and experience across sites and can complete a professional-standard clean efficiently and within your budget.

If you’re looking for a cleaning company that will respond to queries efficiently and can have a team of cleaners on your doorstep and at your service within 24 hours, if necessary, then Next Door Cleaning is a name that you should remember.