After Renovation & Before Moving In Cleaning in Maidenhead / Windsor, SL6


Renowned for its large townhouses, ornate architecture, and open green spaces, there are plenty of reasons why the resident count across Maidenhead and Windsor is on the rise. Boasting close proximity to London, while benefitting from the rural countryside surroundings which support a great work-life balance, buyer interest in the area is increasing every year – leading to more development and a higher turnover of tenants and/or buyers in properties and developments. 

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When a homeowner got in touch with us about performing a deep clean of a property in Maidenhead, it soon became apparent that two different services were required. 

If you’ve ever had work done on your own property, then you don’t need us to tell you how all-encompassing the dust and debris from construction work can become. Taking over what feels like every corner of every room in the property, this client wanted us to perform a deep clean once the builders had completed and moved out of the property. 

We were then commissioned two months later to complete another clean, this time preparing the property to be inhabited again – with the second clean paying closer attention to the details around making the property feel like home again.

Despite taking place in the same property, these two cleaning services required different skillsets and demands from our team – as outlined below. 

Clean One: After Renovation

The first cleaning job as part of this client project was completed after the builders had finished renovation and construction work across the expanse of the mansion property. A comprehensive service which saw five of our professional cleaners work on the property for a total of six hours, at the time specified by the client, our commitment to providing a convenient and efficient service meant that the work was completed in such a way as not to impose on the routine of the clients or the work of the construction firm.

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As part of this deep after-construction clean, our team delivered the following services:

  • Dust, paint, and grout removal
  • Cleaning interior floors through a combination of vacuuming, deep carpet cleaning, and mopping
  • Cleaning exterior areas and surfaces, including balconies and patios
  • Removal of stains from renovation materials and work, via dissolving methods and deep cleaning
  • Cleaning the interior and exterior of storage, cupboards, and appliances

We also make sure to focus on the areas of the property which are often overlooked – namely the air vents and air ducts which quickly become clogged with dust during construction work, to improve the air quality of your home and make sure that it is safe and comfortable for your family to return to.

With this particular project in Maidenhead / Windsor presenting so many different rooms and interior spaces, the initial after-construction clean took a larger team six hours to complete – with the intention being that the pre-move-in clean would take less time and would focus more on injecting a sense of life back into the property for the family moving in. 

Clean Team

Clean Two: Before Moving In

If you are familiar with our after-tenancy cleaning services, then the details here are largely the same. With the vast expanse of the property requiring two of our team members, to cover the four bedrooms and four bathrooms across the mansion, the pre-move-in cleaning service covered the following areas:

  • Full vacuum and floor mopping across the property
  • Carpet cleaning on carpeted floors, rugs, and across upholstery
  • Thorough kitchen and bathroom cleaning, including white goods inside and out
  • Cleaning both the exterior and interior of cupboards and storage spaces
  • Cleaning windows (inside only)
  • Descaling of appliances in the bathroom
  • Cleaning hard-to-reach surfaces and areas
  • Dusting and cleaning of soft furnishings, including cushions and curtains
  • Changing of bed sheets and towels 

In essence, this secondary clean of the home in Maidenhead was intended to freshen up the interior space and ensure that it was ready to move back into – the main difference between this and the first cleaning job being that this second clean was as much about tidying and making the house a home again, as it was about ensuring the property was clean to a high standard. This part of the job took two hours, with two of our professional cleaners on-site at the time specified by the client. 

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The Next Door Difference

We pride ourselves on delivering an efficient and effective service for both residential and commercial spaces across London and beyond. Able to respond quickly and offer both emergency cleaning and pre-scheduled services, we combine the best equipment with an expert team – leaving no stain behind, and no interior space untidy.

This project in Maidenhead / Windsor, SL6 gave us a chance to showcase both the deep clean aspect of our business and that which deals more with details and perfecting the interior of a house – showing how even the biggest jobs can be completed in a matter of hours if you have the right team and the highest level equipment. 

If you are looking for a post-construction or pre-removals cleaning service, if you are an outgoing tenant or landlord looking to freshen up your property, or if you simply want to benefit from our expertise and experience in the world of cleaning, our team are here to help. We operate on a 6-days-a-week basis and can clean, polish, and tidy any area as required by you. Get in touch for more information.