Carpet Cleaning in Northwood London, HA6

A residential area in Northwest London, Northwood is home to a range of properties and housing types – from flats and smaller terraced properties to large and detached houses. Because of this, our work in and around Northwood, HA6 is often varied and sees us entering both large and small spaces to conduct everything from specialist jobs to widescale cleaning, after-construction cleaning, and more. 

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For this particular project, we were called by a local painting firm who was working on a property in central Northwood – updating and freshening up their large bedroom space with a coat of paint. During the process, the painters had left some small but noticeable pain marks on the carpet, and were seeking the services of a professional cleaning company to provide a deep carpet clean – removing the stains and leaving their client with a high-quality finish. 

The Job

When we entered this property, we were immediately met with the very light, bright, and neutral tones used in the styling and decoration of each room of the home. Carpet is a popular flooring type across residential properties, especially in bedrooms and living spaces – with this particular home boasting a cream colour carpet in the target bedroom space and other areas of the property. 

Using industry-leading professional carpet cleaning equipment, including the Ninja Cleaning Machine 400 PSI, we first moved all of the furniture out of the way and then set about focussing on the paint splatters and stains before giving the entire carpet an overall clean for consistency and a really fresh finish.

With two of our professional cleaners on site, the job took just 40 minutes – putting in to practice some of our key tips for dealing with trick stains, as explored below. We were delighted to receive a glowing review from the painting company who had hired us and brought us onsite as a last-minute booking – citing the prompt and efficient service, and the positive reaction from the homeowner and end client whose carpet was cleaned.  

With that said, what makes Next Door Cleaning different?

What makes us different

When the painting firm hired us to clear up a few paint splatters and stains, we took the project a step further by cleaning and presenting a fresh finish across the entire carpet. By elevating our services beyond the problem area, we were able to delight both our customer and the end client, using our high-level service and attention to detail.

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With a team of professional cleaners in and across London who are able to respond to queries and project bookings efficiently, we are proud to offer a quick turnaround – with this particular project seeing two members on site the same day that the enquiry and booking came in.

A Guide to Carpet Stain Removal

As the case study outlines, this particular project was focused on removing stains from a neutral-coloured carpet and presenting the whole room with a clean and fresh finish. So, how do we achieve the perfect carpet clean and remove stains effectively and efficiently?

  1. We start by removing any debris and excess mess around the stain – including dust, mud, and other items. 
  2. Once the area is clean it is important to soak up any liquid that is resting in and around the stain – by blotting the stained area rather than wiping it. This is because wiping will smear the stain further afield and outside of the target area, and we aim to keep it as contained as possible. 
  3. Warm water and dish soap is then applied to the stain to lift away the stain. It is important to be careful at this stage, as using too much soapy water can actually leave its own mark on the carpet. Pouring cold water on the target area after cleaning with warm water and dish soap can help to ensure that the solution has been thoroughly washed away. 
  4. Time for some industry-leading carpet stain removal products – with our team using the best substances on the market for effectively and efficiently removing stains. 
  5. Drying – this is an important stage of the stain removal process because it ensures that the colour of the carpet is as consistent and even as possible. We tend to achieve this by bringing in heaters to speed up the drying process.
  6. Finish the carpet clean with a thorough vacuum – removing the final signs that there was ever a mess to clean up and adding that luxurious pattern into the carpet as you can see from our case study images. It is these final touches that turn a standard job into a high-grade, professional one. 

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Here at Next Door Cleaning, we know how annoying even the smallest stains can be, and how irritating it is when you don’t have the tools and substances on hand to deal with them efficiently and effectively. That’s why, whether you’re a homeowner or a service provider looking to complete a job to the highest standard for your clients, we offer a competitive and high-quality service which unites the core services linked with a deep interior clean, with the kind of service that ensures you get the best possible finish with the lowest possible disruption. 

For more about our services and to book your own deep carpet clean, leaving you with fresh carpets and a renewed bounce across your interiors, get in touch with our team today.