Carpet Cleaning in Ealing & Acton, W5

As one of our most popular services, carpet cleaning is something that we offer in a variety of formats – from full property cleans to smaller and more targeted jobs which help to lift both stains and unwanted odours from interior floors.

A suitable service which treats both carpets and rugs, with our expert team able to adapt the service to different material types, colours, and finishes, our professional carpet cleaning combines experience and skill with the best equipment in the industry – allowing us to make even the toughest of stains disappear and restore your carpet to its former glory. And it’s not just carpets that we treat and clean as part of our service – also providing the same attention to your upholstery and soft furnishings where required. 

We were called to perform this exact service by a new client in Ealing, West London.

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As part of their Autumn refresh, the family had decided to treat their interior carpets and soft furnishings to a complete overhaul and refresh, calling in our team to focus their attention on two large rugs and eight upholstered chairs. Here’s how we did it. 

The Service

There were two main parts to this particular project, one of which saw us conduct a thorough cleaning of the carpets while the other focused on the upholstered chairs. While both use the same equipment and essentially the same techniques and process, cleaning the chairs is a more detailed task which requires a steady hand and more targeted equipment which can be flexed and moved around the furnishings with ease.

We first moved the furniture out of the way as much as possible, to expose the carpeted floors and make it easier for us to navigate the tools around the room and achieve a consistent clean. Just like in previous projects, we then targeted the problem areas, stains, and signs of water damage, wear and tear, before conducting a final surface clean to ensure that the carpet boasted a seamless and smooth aesthetic finish. 

As this project was completed in September, we provided the client with tips on how to keep their carpets and upholstered furnishings clean with the changing season, including keeping pets away from fresh carpets when they’ve been outside and installing a brush mat by the door to pick up loose dirt and debris. You could also consider adding more area rugs to those spaces where you want to protect the carpeted surfaces, and make sure to clean up spillages as soon as they occur – even simple water spills which seem inoffensive but can cause lasting water damage if left unattended. 

Why carpet cleaning is such a popular service

If you’ve ever had to remove a tough stain or stubborn odour from a carpet or rug, then you will know how challenging and frustrating it can be. Engaging the services of a professional carpet cleaning company means that you benefit from both their expertise and access to the top equipment in the industry – in our case, the Ninja Cleaning Machine 400 PSI which cuts through stains, lifts odours and gives your carpet a refresh in both its look, its aroma, and its texture. 

In the case of this project in Ealing, W5, our team took a segmented approach to the project – with the two team members taking just one hour to complete the job as one focused on the carpet and rugs while the other tackled the chairs.

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As this shows, when it comes to a professional carpet cleaning job, you benefit from both a high-end finish and the convenience and ease of getting the job done to that high standard in record time. 

The carpet cleaning process

Carpet cleaning is a multi-layered process which can be optimised through the use of professional equipment and with the help of experts who know how to lift stains and eliminate odours. One area that many homeowners forget to factor in is the drying process – an integral part of the job which ensures that any debris and dust do not stick to and get soaked into the carpet once the cleaning is complete. Using heaters and dehumidifiers, we always seek to leave the carpet in the best possible condition so that it is prepped and ready to go once we leave.

Here is a step-by-step guide to the carpet cleaning process, by Next Door Cleaning. 

  1. Remove as many furnishings and loose items as possible to expose the carpeted surface
  2. Vacuum to remove loose debris and dirt before cleaning
  3. Target problem areas and stains first, using a cleaning machine or elbow grease
  4. Complete a broad clean of the entire area to ensure the most consistent finish in terms of texture and cleanliness
  5. Dry the carpet thoroughly before moving the furniture back into place

With Next Door Cleaning, all of this is completed efficiently and in a cost-efficient manner, working around your routine and schedule as much as possible to minimise disruption. 

The outcome

Our client in Ealing, W5, was exceptionally happy with the results of their pre-Autumn carpet refresh and concluded that the service we provided was worth the investment and something they would consider again on a more regular basis. 

By combining the carpet clean with a targeted cleaning of their upholstered chairs, we were able to freshen up the entire space and make it somewhere that the family wanted to gather and spend time – demonstrating the power of a professional cleaning service.

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Here at Next Door Cleaning, we operate across London – offering carpet cleaning as well as post-construction cleaning services, everyday cleaning for offices and commercial spaces, and targeted services for specific jobs and cleaning needs. We also provide advice and tips for ongoing maintenance, empowering you to keep your home fresher for longer.

For more information on our carpet cleaning and other services, get in touch today.