Carpet Cleaning in Belgravia, SW1X


One of the biggest drivers of new enquiries is household pets – namely the smells, scuff marks, and mess left behind by those who either own pets themselves or move into a property that was previously home to a number of pets. 

When a family called us out to their property in Belgravia, London, it became clear to our team that the long-term presence of dogs had left both a smell and visual evidence of urine behind – requiring specialist carpet cleaning services and a comprehensive deep clean throughout the room to remove these unpleasant traces. 

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Despite being a relatively small job, requiring the deep cleaning of just one large room in the home, two of our cleaning team attended the property, leaving it in impeccable cleaning with a clean scent and zero evidence of urine stains on the floors or surrounding surfaces. 

The Service

As soon as we arrived on site in Belgravia, SW1X, it was obvious to our team that thorough carpet cleaning would be required – with this taking up the majority of the time spent on site completing this cleaning job. 

Professional carpet cleaning requires a combination of the right equipment and knowledge of the different stages in stripping away stains in order to leave the carpet looking not just clean but fresh and full of texture. To ensure the best results for our client, our team first did a sweep of the room to remove any furniture, accessories, and debris that may affect their ability to clean the carpet thoroughly. Rather than skirting around furniture, we prefer to move items around in the room to make sure we can reach all of the carpet and surfaces – presenting a consistent finish which extends the lifespan of the carpet as a whole. 

We then used our Ninja Cleaning Machine 400 PSI to remove the toughest stains, combining this with old-fashioned elbow grease and a strategic approach to the project in full to ensure that we are able to deliver results efficiently and with minimum disruption to our client’s daily routine. We completed the job with a sweep of all the surfaces and soft furnishings in the space, to ensure that any other mess left by the dogs was dealt with. This included vacuuming the floors and dusting the surfaces, as well as using our favoured air fresheners to leave the space feeling as fresh as possible. 

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As this particular project required us to complete our carpet cleaning in just one large room in the home, we were able to complete the job in just one hour – with two team members for optimum efficiency. The end result saw the client thrilled with the work our team completed, with them commenting that the space felt like it had been freshly decorated – thanks to the removal of the stains and the carpet cleaning service which restored the original texture and colour of the carpet across the room. 


Tips for keeping a pet-friendly home clean

Here at Next Door Cleaning, we pride ourselves in offering an end-to-end service to our clients – which includes advice and tips on how to keep their newly fresh and clean homes in the best possible condition for as long as possible. 

With a dedicated page on our website which focuses on keeping a pet-friendly home clean and tidy, here are some of the best pieces of advice directly from our cleaning team – that we shared with our Belgravia clients and other homeowners. 

Manage mess as you go

One of the reasons why our Belgravia client had to bring the Next Door team in for a thorough clean was because the mess, aroma, and stains had become so bad that they couldn’t be tackled with everyday household cleaning products. Keeping on top of and managing mess on a regular basis is the best way to retain a clean house with pets, taking care to clean up any mess that you notice as soon as possible before it has time to leave lasting marks and long-term damage. 

When it comes to cleaning stains caused by pets, particularly urine stains which leave both a visual mess and an unpleasant aroma in the home, recognising whether the stain is fresh or old will affect the way it needs to be tackled and cleaned. Again, fresh stains are always easier to remove. 

Until they’re housetrained, keep them off the carpet

There’s nothing better than evening cuddles with your cat or dog, but until you can trust them to hold in their urine until they’re outside or on their litter tray, there is no way of protecting your carpets from potential accidents and stains. When you can keep the mess contained, you will find that it is easier to keep on top of any accidents and reduce the amount of time you spend cleaning your home.  

Regular grooming of your pet

It’s not just urine which can become an issue in the home if you have pets – pet hair and dirt from their paws can quickly transfer into your home and affect things like your carpet, soft furnishings, and other floors and surfaces. Because of this, brushing your dog or cat regularly and always making sure to clean and dry muddy paws will help to minimise the need for deep cleaning. 

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Next Door Cleaning’s promise

Our team loves pets – we love meeting them whenever we visit new sites and projects, and we love hearing about them. But we know they can be messy – which is why we specialise in providing the kind of cleaning services which restore your home to its true glory, both for your and your pet’s enjoyment and comfort.

To find out more about our carpet cleaning and other services, get in touch today.