How to Keep Your House Clean When you Have Pets

Cat Stain

Keeping your house clean with the addition of pets can be a particularly tricky task. Pets go outside, then come back in and track all sorts of dirt and mud back into the house. But can you have both, a clean house and a furry friend? The answer is yes, with measures in place to make sure that your pets are making as little mess as possible, so you don’t feel like you’re in a cycle of constantly clearing up after them.    

Why can pets turn your house into such a mess?

It’s not just pets that can turn your house into a mess, humans can too! Saying that it’s easier to tell a human to not walk their muddy shoes through the house. It’s really easy for pets to turn your house into a mess when they’re constantly shedding fur and going outside for walks, then coming into the house. Without regular cleaning pet mess can build up over time, until it becomes unmanageable, so it’s best to have techniques in place to prevent this. 

How can I keep my house clean when I have pets?

Although it may seem impossible, it is in fact possible to have both pets and a clean home. There is a range of tasks and things you can do to ensure that you’re able to get rid of any dirt that pets bring into your house. Here are some top tips on how to do so. 

Try and avoid letting them on the carpet

We admit this can be a difficult one, but it’s all about containing the mess. Establish boundaries with your pet and train them. Perhaps if you’ve got carpet only upstairs, train them to not go upstairs. Otherwise, invest in durable carpets and materials which are less likely to show or trap dirt. The easiest way to prevent mud from being trodden in your home is to invest in stainproof or easily cleanable carpets. Training your pets from when they’re a puppy or a kitten is key to keeping them off of your carpets.

The vacuum cleaner is your friend

With any pet, even if they are ‘non-shedding’, you will be constantly vacuuming pet hair from your floors and sofas. It’s not even just their fur that is the problem, it’s the mud and other debris that they could also bring into your home. There are vacuum cleaners that specialise in picking up pet hairs. Vacuum cleaners which have strong suction and filter should be effective in cleaning up after your pets. Also, choose a vacuum cleaner that fits your flooring type and lifestyle. For example, maybe an automatic vacuum cleaner fits your lifestyle better than a handheld one.

Make sure that your pets are house trained

If your pet is young, it can be tricky to house train. However, teaching them things like staying off the sofas and beds can be easier when they’re younger. Train your pet to go outside to the toilet from a young age too, as the last thing anyone wants is for pets to be using your living room as their toilet.

Dog Stain

Clean their paws when possible 

A dog cleaning station inside of your home may be a good idea if your pets are prone to rolling around in the dirt. A hallway or laundry room is the perfect place to set up a mat, towels and a wet cloth. So, when your pet comes into the house covered in dirt, just briefly wipe their feet with a cloth to prevent muddy pawprints from being trampled through your nice clean carpets.

Groom them regularly 

The key to keeping pet hair to a minimum is to groom them regularly outside, this way all excess hair is being removed before entering the house. Brush your pet regularly, and if you’ve got a dog, although you shouldn’t use dog shampoo too often, washing your dog with water can help to keep pet hair to a minimum. 

Clean pet beds and litter boxes

Pet beds are the perfect place when hair can fester and build up – they can be pretty unhygienic too. If you’ve got a litter tray in your house, sometimes pets kick the litter out of the tray, or it gets stuck in their paws and then taken around the house. 

Make sure that you’re using the right cleaning products 

You might have to clean up all sorts of messes when having a pet in the house, so it’s essential that you’ve got the right products to sort out any mess which may occur. The number one item which will probably end up as your holy grail item is a stain or odour remover. You can get these in several different forms, from spray to powder. You don’t want your house to smell like a wet dog, so an odour spray might be key in removing any trace of a wet pet.

Also, you’re going to want to invest in nice smelling dog shampoo, a pet hair vacuum cleaner and an antibacterial spray. Using the right cleaning products can really transform your house.  

If none of these works for you, then it might be time to hire a professional cleaning service 

If you find that you just can’t keep on top of keeping your house clean from your mucky pets, then it might be time to get a professional cleaning company involved. Getting help can be a good idea if you’re busy and don’t want to prioritise cleaning. After all, there are other priorities in your life other than cleaning. If you are thinking about hiring a professional cleaner, then speak to them about what you want from the service, whether that’s to get rid of pet dirt, or just general cleaning.

We know that keeping your house clean can be a hassle, but it’s important not to stress about your pet and their mess inside the house. Just enjoy the time you have with your family and pets.