After Tenancy & Carpet Cleaning in Hammersmith, W6


An area of West London which is notable for its lively social scene, the presence of blended cultural experiences and of course the vast green spaces which expand and multiply as you move away from central London, Hammersmith has long been popular with homeowners, buyers, and tenants alike.

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For those homeowners who choose to go down the root of investment properties and let their properties out to the captive tenant audience, the potential for both long and short-term rental contracts is high. For owners, Maria and her husband, the rental market in Hammersmith presented a chance for them to make some extra money on a large tenancy property they own, with their commitment to quality and clean surroundings driving them towards our professional team of cleaners when they finally decided to sell. 

A large property with four bedrooms and three bathrooms, as well as a number of communal spaces, living spaces, and other facilities and amenities, this large after-tenancy cleaning job saw us send five of our cleaners on site for a total of five hours, to restore the cleanliness and fresh feeling of the property after it had been occupied by tenants for the past few years. 

One of the most popular services that we can offer with advanced booking or as an urgent request, after-tenancy cleaning is often combined with a deep carpet clean to refresh both the surfaces and the surroundings of the property. 

The Post-Tenancy Clean

As part of our post-tenancy cleaning service, we understand that our job is to restore the property to its former glory – freshening up the surfaces and soft furnishings and ridding the carpets and floors of any stains or signs of wear and tear.

Sometimes the post-tenancy clean is carried out after the furniture has all been removed, as arranged by the property owner, while sometimes we are contacted by outgoing tenants who want to ensure their deposit by leaving the property in excellent condition. In this case, we entered the property once it was empty, as the owners were looking to sell and wanted a thorough clean to present the house in the best condition. 

The property included the four bedrooms and three bathrooms mentioned earlier, alongside a home office and a multitude of other spaces which required us to utilise and engage different cleaning methods and tools. 

The post-tenancy cleaning service that we offer includes the following:

  • Full vacuum and floor mopping across the property
  • Carpet cleaning on carpeted floors, rugs, and across upholstery
  • Thorough kitchen and bathroom cleaning, including white goods inside and out
  • Cleaning both the exterior and interior of cupboards and storage spaces
  • Cleaning windows (inside only)
  • Descaling of appliances in the bathroom
  • Cleaning hard-to-reach surfaces and areas
  • Dusting and cleaning of soft furnishings, including cushions and curtains

The property owner wanted to remove the evidence of the previous tenants, wanted to be able to identify any issues that needed sorting prior to sale, and wanted to present the home in the best possible light. 

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A big part of this focussed on cleaning the carpets to give every room a new lease of life – particularly the bedrooms and home office where a combination of high footfall and stains had created spots and marks which couldn’t be easily removed. 

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Focus on Flooring: Deep Carpet Clean

The deep carpet clean is a major part of most cleaning jobs we perform, combining the highest level of customer service and experience, with the industry’s leading equipment and tools so that we leave no stain, scratch, or scrape unfixed. This equipment list includes the Ninja Cleaning Machine 400 PSI which is undoubtedly the best option on the market for cleaning carpets and other soft furnishings – allowing us to improve results and deliver them more quickly.  

Often overlooked by homeowners, wear and tear on a carpet can quickly make a room or interior space look tired and uncared for – especially if stains are rife alongside faded patches and worn corners. While our service does not include replacing any worn carpet, our equipment allows us to deep clean stains and balance the aesthetic of carpets and rugs, including fast-tracking the drying process so that you can return to your home with minimal disruption. 

Here at Next Door Cleaning, we understand that you want an effective and efficient service which offers the highest level or service, combined with the least amount of hassle possible. That’s why we work with a roaming team of professional cleaners, making sure that the correct amount of individuals attend each job to minimise the time investment and maximise results. 

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What came next…

Soon after completing the cleaning job on the large property that was being sold, we were delighted to be contacted by the buyers who wanted us to come and perform another cleaning job on the property that they were selling themselves. 

This end-to-end job highlights the customer satisfaction which we pride ourselves on delivering, as the buyers were so impressed with our work that they brought us in for a second project. 

If you’re looking for an after-tenancy cleaning service that you can rely on, whether you are the property owner or an outgoing tenant looking to retrieve your full deposit (and kudos from the landlord on how well kept the property is), Next Door Cleaning boasts a professional team – operating 6 days per week, with advanced and last minute slots available as requested. 

We clean properties, both residential and commercial, across central and West London – with Hammersmith, W6 just one area in which we work. Visit our website or get in touch directly to learn more about which services are right for you.