After-Builders Clean in Hampstead, N6


Turning a house into your perfect home can sometimes require more than just a lick of paint and new furniture – with construction and renovation services all contributing towards the design and build of a home that suits your needs. 

But with any building work there comes one very big caveat, and that is the dust, debris, and mess left behind once the work is done. After-build cleaning is a big task which can often feel overwhelming for homeowners – hence the high demand for specialist cleaners who can come into your home and restore order, ready for life to resume. 

And that’s exactly what happened with a recent project in Hampstead, N6, when a building firm called us in to conduct a thorough after-builders cleaning service complete with dust and grout removal, surface and floor mopping and vacuuming and attending to both the inside and outside of all the interior cupboards and cabinets.

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Hoping to offer the full clean as part of their end-to-end service, working with the building firm we were able to schedule two cleaning afternoons around the lifestyle of the homeowners, keeping to the budget assigned by the builders. 

Here’s how we did it. 

The service

Any homeowner will know that once builders have been in your home, it’s not just dirty footprints and empty tea mugs that you need to worry about. The dust and debris that comes with the renovation and building work can get everywhere, permeating every surface and settling into the carpet in corners that you thought would be safe from damage. Other issues as highlighted by previous after-build and post-construction projects include spilt paint, marks on the inside and outside of windows, and stains which can quickly set into carpets during building work. 

And while tips on how to achieve the perfect post-construction clean can help, often bringing in professionals is an easier and more efficient way to deal with the problem.

As explored in a recent case study of a project in Battersea, a core part of our after-builders cleaning service is a thorough carpet cleaning using our industry-standard machine and a combination of skill, expertise, and patience to remove the mess and restore both the look and texture of your carpet. Here at Next Door Cleaning, we are proud to own and use a Ninja Cleaning Machine 400 PSI which lets us tackle even the toughest stains with ease and a refined, targeted approach 


In addition, this particular project in Hampstead saw us dealing with not just the dust and debris but also the immense scale of the property itself. Boasting seven bedrooms and lots of bright, open living spaces, this cleaning project was one of our biggest to date and saw four members of our team head to the property for a total of six hours to get the job done. To achieve this, we split the property into a series of areas and assigned different duties to the team members who attended – enabling us to complete the full clean in a timely manner and without backtracking or duplicating on work. 

Some of the biggest tasks that we faced in this project included:

  • Carpet cleaning both in large open rooms and in smaller spaces and on stairways – requiring us to move and shift furniture to access the entire floorspace
  • Removal of stains caused by renovation work, including paint and plaster – achieved via dissolving methods and deep cleaning
  • Vacuuming the floors, surfaces, and features in every interior space
  • Freshening up the entire interior and around the exterior parts of the property as well

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All of this was conducted with health and safety in mind, keeping both our team and the surrounding space as clear and tidy as possible to avoid slips and trips. 

How one job turned into a repeat project

This particular client reached out to us because they knew that the project was a big one and they needed a company that could provide a cost and time-efficient service, with excellent results, and under the highest level of professionalism. In this case, the client that brought us in for the cleaning service was the building company completing the work. 

As well as delivering a service that the building firm clients were very happy with, we returned four days later to conduct a secondary clean of all the dust that had settled prior to the homeowner moving back into their property – with two of our expert team members spending five further hours on this second visit. 

The end result was a well-presented, fresh, clean home which was ready in time for the homeowners to move back in – without getting in the way of them or their building company. The building company that hired us were extremely pleased with the finish, and the way that we adjusted our schedule and working timeline to suit their needs and to ensure the highest possible standard of finish for the end client. 

The Next Door Difference

After-builders cleaning is something that we offer as a core service in and across London – helping homeowners to deal with the dust, debris, and chaos that comes with building work and renovations. 

As evidenced in this case study, our team of expert cleaners combine their high-end service with a flexible schedule and timeline according to each client’s needs – whether that means multiple visits, a quick turnaround, or completing the clean around the schedule and lifestyle of the homeowner. 

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This project in Hampstead, N6, combined our attention to detail with the plethora of interior cleaning services we offer, which include carpet cleaning, vacuuming, mopping, and cleaning in and around furnishings and home accessories. If you require the same services or want to discuss other cleaning projects outside of our after-building cleaning offers, don’t hesitate to reach out to the team today.